Top Fuel Dragster
The unique colors of the dragster are coming from the sky of Levi. In northern Finland you can admire Aurore Borealis (Northern Lights). A picture of this phenomenon is wrapped around Anita's car and is taken from an igloo.

This is the European Fastest Top Fuel dragster

chassis McKinney 2008
wings Magiera carbon fiber
engine displacement  496 cubic inches 
weight & wheelbase 2320lbs, 300 in.
engine block  AJPE, forged aluminum
cylinder sleeves Darton, bore 4.187"
bearings  Clevite 77
crankshaft  Bryant, 4.500" stroke
connecting rods  AJPE
pistons  Venolia
piston rings  Mahle
oil pump  System 1
camshaft  Cam Motion
lifters  Jesel, 1 1/16 in. roller 
pushrods  Manton
cylinder heads  AJPE stage V + VII, billet aluminum
intake & exahust valves  Manley
valve springs & retainers Manley 
rocker stands Dechellis
rocker arms  Jesel
supercharger  AJPE case & PSI rotors
injector assembly  Aerodine Composite Group
fuel pump  Waterman/Earp
fuel system  AJPE & DJE
hoses and fittings  Earl´s
ignition  MSD, dual Pro Mag 44s 
spark plug wires  MSD Super Conductor 
spark plugs  Champion #1043
oil  Lucas Oil "Blue Thunder"
engine blankets  Taylor 
supercharger blankets  Taylor
clutch  AFT 5-disc
bell housing  Trick Titanium 
reverser  Moore Performance
wheels  Sanders
front tires  Goodyear Eagle Top Fuel Frontrunner
rear tires Goodyear Eagle, 36x17.5-16
rear axle assembly Chrisman
brakes  Lamb, carbon/carbon 
parachutes  Simpson
data recorder  Race Pak PROII

Racing with Anita.